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2021 in the triathlon world…and breath. We’re obviously a little biased as to how great triathlon is but looking over 2021 and there was so much to get excited about and which raised the bar for triathlon, in terms of performance, participation and audience.

We’ve turned the clock back to pick our top ten moments of the year which have kept us talking all things triathlon. In our first round-up, here’s the countdown from 10 to 6…

10. Return of racing

Never has the prospect of pulling on your wetsuit/trisuit been so anticipated and you could see the relief on everyone’s faces when racing resumed earlier this year. Yes, it was a little different and safety was even more of a priority but it felt like doing your first event all over again and the race spirit was stronger than ever. It’s almost like the times and results didn’t matter and just lining up to start was the biggest victory for many of us.

9. Duffy dominates

If there’s one person who dominated the triathlon calendar in 2021, it was Bermudian Flora Duffy - Olympic gold medalist in Tokyo, ITU World Champion and Super League Championship Series Winner. Showcasing her ability across a variety of distances, this truly was a golden year for Duffy which also included a national sports centre on Bermuda being named after her. How can she top that in 2022?

8. The Iron Cowboy

Insane, crazy, ridiculous – call it what you will but we’d go with “inspiring” to sum up the Iron Cowboy’s (James Lawrence) attempt to complete 100 IRONMAN distance triathlons in 100 days. We probably weren’t alone in thinking this was impossible but as the days progressed we were rooted to our screen to will him on. A true test of human limits, mental and physical, he even went on to complete a lap of honour and finish on 101 triathlons. We dare to think what he has planned next.

7. The future of long distance racing – Kristian Blummenfelt and Gustav Iden 

Move over Jan Frodeno, the Norweigans appear to be the new long distance kings in town following some rather epic performaces in November. First up was Gustav Iden at IRONMAN Florida, who ran an incredible marathon off the bike in 2h 34m and produced a 7h 42m finish time. In triathlon great Mark Allen’s own words on Iden, “He’s not the future of long distance racing, he’s the present.” If you thought that was impressive then step forward Kristian Blummenfelt who only two weeks later, and on his M-Dot, debut absolutely obliterated the long distance world record in 7:21:12 Ok, so the swim was current assisted but that's a incredible time that has sent shockwaves around the triathlon world. The future of long distance racing is looking very strong and we can't wait to see Frodeno, Iden and Blummenfelt go head to head.

6. Tokyo Games return after delay

A year later than originally planned, but the triathlon in Tokyo didn’t disappoint. From the chaotic boat scenes at the start of the men’s race to the debut of the relay format to complete the action, triathlon was the winner here despite the lack of crowds lining the routes. The blue carpet always creates memories and the good news is we now have to wait less than three years for Paris 2024. The less said about gold medalist Kristian Blummenfelt’s see-through trisuit the better though!!


Stay tuned for our countdown from 5 to 1. Can you guess what will make our number one spot?