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Taking The Guesswork Out

The Mizuno Running Solution offered at TRI UK is a one of a kind experience that removes the guesswork out of selecting the correct running shoe for you. Powered by the ViMove software, developed b DorsaVi, the wearable sensor allows us to measure nine variables as you run to provide you with an unique set of data for each shoe you test with. The ViMove software uses this data to create hard data – not estimates. Within a matter of minutes, you will feel which shoes makes you the best version of yourself and improve the efficiency of your running style.


The Mizuno Running Solution requires a £35 deposit  which you can pay online before you arrive or it can be procecced by a member of staff on location before your session begins.

Your test is completely free if you buy your shoes once the test has concluded; this £35 deposit is taken off the purchase price of your shoes. (on full RRP shoes)

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By wirelessly measuring and recording movement & impact of up to 9 variables as you run, ViMove converts these readings into hard data, not hunches. In a matter of minutes you will be able to see and feel which shoe makes you a more efficient runner.

Fully trained staff will guide you through the process, analyse your results, explain the read-outs and ultimately help you find your perfect shoe.