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TRI UK has had a full sized Endless Pool in store since 2005! This pool has been in constant demand from customers who travel from all over the country to visit TRI UK. We are now on our third pool! Offering this service to customers enables TRI UK ensures that the right wetsuit is sold to the right customer.

Customers have the ability to test different wetsuits in our pool, to find one that’s the perfect fit and comfortable to swim in.

In 2005 TRI UK pushed the boundaries by installing an Endless Pool in their Yeovil store. Being the first UK store to have such an incredible facility available created huge interest! TRI UK Yeovil are now on their second Endless Pool – having worn their first one out! TRI UK Shirebrook has followed suit and has an in-store Endless Pool for customers to test wetsuits for fit, feel and buoyancy.

Endless Pools offer a broad, deep current that is adjustable to any speed or ability – allowing TRI UK’s wetsuit customers to concentrate on the fit and feel of the wetsuit they are testing.

The first Endless Pool was built on the pool deck at Columbia University way back in 1988. It is the premier brand of exercise pools – so it made perfect sense for the premier UK triathlon retailer to only have the very best facility for our TRI UK customers.

Visit our TRI UK stores and try your chosen wetsuit before you buy it. Experience how it reacts and feels in the water. Experience just what TRI UK and their wetsuit fitters can offer you – alongside a dip in the in-store Endless Pool.