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In-store Bikes

In our Yeovil store we’ve got a great selection of bikes for you to choose from, with some great special offers. We’re open 7 days a week 9am to 6pm Monday - Saturday and 10am - 4pm on Sundays. Please contact our in-store team on 01935 414142 to check the latest availability on these bikes before visiting us.

Finance is also available in-store for 6, 10 or 12 months at 0% (minimum 10% deposit)

Please note: bikes can only be purchased in-store and are not available for home delivery or store transfer.

CannondaleCaad 13 disc 105Green2020562250
CannondaleCaad 13 rim 105Red2020561600
CannondaleF-Si 4Blue/Orange2021L2800
CannondaleScalpel World Cup (Ex-Team)Black/White2020M94995499
CannondaleSupersix 105Black/White2021602299.99
CannondaleSupersix 105 WEmerald2020442299.99
CannondaleSupersix Evo Ultegra Di2 WBlack/Purple2020485499.99
CannondaleSupersix Evo Neo 2Grey2020L5000
CannondaleSupersix Evo HM DA - Ex TeamGreen2020485499.993500
CannondaleSupersix Evo HM DA Di2Black2020588999.99
CannondaleSupersix Evo HM ultRapha2020513999.99
CannondaleSupersix Evo HM ultRapha2020623999.99
CannondaleSupersix ultBlack2021603950
CannondaleSuperslice EtapBlack/Green2020508499.995950
CannondaleSuperslice UltBlack/Yellow20205855003850
CannondaleSuperslice UltBlack/Yellow20205655003850
CannondaleSlice 105Replica201654 (4 Available)20001649
CannondaleSynapse 105Black2021561400
CannondaleSynapse Carbon 105Grey/Yellow20216125002049
CannondaleSynapse 105 CarbonBlack2021542500
CannondaleSynapse HM Force AXSBlue20215170004849
CannondaleSynapse HM Force AXSBlue20215870004849
CannondaleSynapse Neo 2Blue2020M3500
CannondaleSynapse Neo 2Blue2020L3500
CannondaleSystemsix HM EtapChampagne2020568499.99
CannondaleSystemsix Ult Di2Rapha2021517500
CannondaleTopstone 0Champagne2021M2400
CannondaleTopstone 1Grey2021M2000
CannondaleTopstone 2Purple2021L1650
CannondaleTopstone 3Grey2021L1250
CannondaleTopstone 4Blue2021L1050
CannondaleTopstone CRB 4Champagne2021L3200
CannondaleTopstone Neo 4 CarbonSilver/Black2021M4700
CerveloP3X Ult Di2 (P5 Front End)Black2020M8799
CerveloP3X Ult Di2 Black2020S8899
FocusParalane2 9.7Blue2020XL54993300
FocusParalane2 9.7Black2020XL54993300
FocusParalane2 9.8Grey2020S92997440
TrekDomane + LtBlack/red2021585250
TrekDomane SL7Grey2021546250
TrekDomane SL7Grey2021566250
TrekEmonda SL7Red2021585350
TrekTop Fuel 9.7Grey2020M/L35002849
FactorSlick (Frameset Only)Onyx2020M5500
Argon18E-119(Frameset Only)Black/Red2020S3999