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The World’s Most Advanced Fit System

THE GURU FIT SYSTEM™ enables cyclists of all ages and experience levels to find the perfect bike
and riding position to match their personal preferences.

Dynamic Fit Unit™

The state-of-the-art, computer-controlled GURU DYNAMIC FIT UNIT™ (DFU™) adjusts your riding position in real-time to maximize your comfort and efficiency.

Incline/decline adjustment allows you to test riding positions while ascending or descending to simulate riding conditions.

GURU’s Virtual Ride™ combines the real-time action of the DFU™ with our integrated Computrainer unit to track your power output and adjusts resistance to replicate changes in terrain.

Revolutionary Software

GURU BIKE FINDER™ utilizes Rider Scan™ technology to identify the best bike configuration to match your riding preferences.

GURU OPTIMIZATION™ expands the capabilities of Bike Finder with the addition of comprehensive performance analysis – including in-depth power output, real-time body angle tracking and GURU Virtual Ride™.

GURU’S VIRTUAL WAREHOUSE™ replaces a conventional test ride by allowing you to select individual models to ride on the GURU Fit System™ – featuring thousands of bikes across all categories (road, cyclocross, mountain, tri, recreation) from major manufacturers.

GURU’S TAILORED FIT REPORT provides you with a comprehensive overview of your fit data, which can be used to set up a new bike or optimize an existing bike.




Rider Scan Technology

Rider Scan Technology

THE GURU FIT SYSTEM’S™ innovative 3D camera system with integrated Rider Scan™ technology seamlessly captures your anatomic data (without using manual tools) to identify the best bike to match your cycling preferences.

GURU’s 3D camera system recognizes all of your body’s contact points to deliver real-time body angle analysis, eliminating the need for reflective dots or equipment and creating a superior fit experience.

Industry Leading – Fit Science

THE GURU FIT SYSTEM™ is powered by industry-leading F.I.S.T. fit protocol. Created by Dan Empfield, founder of and renowned bike fit “guru,” the F.I.S.T. protocol combines years of fit data and your real-time feedback to create the best possible riding position to match your riding style.

Every GURU FIT SYSTEM™ retailer is F.I.S.T. certified – providing you with the most professional, rider-focused fit experience and ensuring maximum satisfaction with your results.

Industry Leading – Fit Science
FI’ZIK – Saddle Collection

FI’ZIK – Saddle Collection

THE GURU FIT SYSTEM™ is equipped with 14 saddles from Fizik, providing a comprehensive lineup of saddles for men and women across all major riding categories – including road, triathlon, mountain and recreation.

Fizik’s Spine Concept test recommends a saddle to match your flexibility and anatomic preferences.

Zipp & Truvativ – Handlebars

THE GURU FIT SYSTEM™ features category-specific handlebars for individual fit sessions to provide you with tailored ergonomics to match your riding style.

Choose from a variety of road and triathlon configurations from Zipp – including multiple widths and drop shapes to perfectly match your anatomic preferences.

Truvativ supplies multiple flatbar options with varying sweeps to dial in your mountain or recreation fit.

Zipp & Truvativ – Handlebars

ALINE – Insole System

Exclusively available on THE GURU FIT SYSTEM™, Aline’s comprehensive insole system creates a 3D-based, personalized insole recommendations for cycling shoes.

Aline’s personalized configurations deliver optimal leg alignment – maximizing your comfort and efficiency while pedaling.