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Latest News

A Beginners Guide to Bikes

When it comes to choosing the right bike for your lifestyle, routine and cycling pursuits, the prospect can be daunting, especially if the process is entirely new to you.

How to Transition in Triathlon

You may have trained for bike, swim and run but there is, of course, a fourth event in triathlon; the transition.

A beginner's guide to Triathlon Wetsuits

A wetsuit is an item of clothing designed to provide thermal insulation, protection and even buoyancy to anyone taking part in water sports or activities. These handy garments really can make all the difference, particularly in an open water triathlon.

Getting Started in Triathlon

Decided you’re going to do a triathlon? Good on you! Training for a triathlon is a great way to get or stay fit, however before you put on your trunks, pump up your tyres and lace up your shoes there are a few things you need to consider first.

A Guide to Bike Fitting - TRIUK

Bike fitting is just a case of sitting on the bike and seeing if it’s comfy, right? Wrong. We all know that riders do not come in standard sizes – and the same most certainly applies to bikes these days as well. Gone are the days when bikes all had similar geometry and it was a case of just choosing between small, medium, Large or X-large. Bikes come in all sizes, all with different geometries and all measured from different places on the frame. Confused? Don’t worry – this is where bike fitting services are your saviour.

Why Kona coffee?

Did you know that TRI UK has an in-store Coffee House? We serve the usual cyclist’s favourites of jacket potatoes, toasted paninis and also cakes with glorious (and sometimes unusual but incredibly tasty – trust us!) flavours. But more importantly, we serve the best coffee in the world!


The UK’s largest cycling exhibition is back again! With 300+ brands and 37,000 attendees, for bike enthusiasts like us, this is one you can’t miss.