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Latest News

Choosing the Right Bike Helmet

Whether it’s on or off-road, commuting or out on an adventure, racing or on a long social ride, a good bike helmet should be the number one piece of kit for any ride, even though it isn’t actually a legal requirement in the UK.

An Introduction to Running Words and Phrases

Triathlon comprises of three disciplines and for newcomers to the sport, or those returning, it's sometimes helpful to look at these disciplines individually so you get a full understanding of what everyone's talking about when it comes to running.

Are you open water swim ready?

As Spring arrives and the temperature gradually increases, for many of us it signals the start of dipping our toes back into the open water and seeing if our wetsuit still fits for another season.

Packing the Essentials For Your Ride

We’ve all been there…you’re in a rush to get out the door and on your bike but in your haste you’ve forgotten to check you’ve got all the essentials packed in case you get a mechanical miles from home.

Triathlon Distances Explained

For those new to the sport, or who need a refresher after such an absence on the start list, here’s our guide to all the distances to hopefully help you pick the best one suitable for you.

Triathlon Words and Phrases - A Beginners Guide

New to triathlon? Know your BTF from your OWS and MHR? Confused by all the terminology that is thrown about by those speedsters in lycra? Fear not, we’ve all been there and for anyone just starting their triathlon journey then you might think the hard part is actually learning the tri lingo, let along the three disciplines.

The 666 Ironman Challenge

If you think completing just one Ironman triathlon is tough, and we certainly think it is, what about attempting 6 of them, in 6 consecutive days, across 6 counties?

Dreaming Big, The Road to Kona

Camille King is an age-group triathlete who dared to dream BIG and is making her debut in Kona, Hawaii this weekend at the IRONMAN World Championships. Camille kindly gave us some time between her training for an insight into what it takes to make the start line and qualify for the Big Dance.

Disc brakes vs rim brakes: which one is better?

Having a reliable set of brakes on your bike not only enables you to stop/reduce speed safely but can improve the flow of your ride and improve performance. The two main categories of bike brakes are rim brakes and disc brakes. Within these two types, there are individual categories that boast advantages when it comes to achieving the best ride. But how are they different?

Electric Bikes: How Do They Work?

Have you ever been out on the road or the trails, looked up at a hill and suddenly wished you’d taken up darts instead? Electric bikes won’t conquer the hill solo but the propulsion the e-bike provides will have you at the top in no time. Find out more about e-bikes and how they can improve your cycling experience.

How to train for a sprint triathlon

Training for a triathlon is all about training for the race type you’ll be competing in. Out of the four dominant structures of a triathlon, the sprint triathlon is the shortest and is highly favoured by newcomers. Sprint triathlons are a great milestone to complete before progressing to longer races and competing in them is beneficial even to experienced triathletes looking to refine their skills.

How to set up a turbo trainer

Love cycling but feel put off by the weather? Enjoy peddling but are too much of a damp rag to get wet? Love the thrill but won’t brave the trail after a spot of snow? Turbo trainers will keep you on your beloved two wheels in the safety of your home, garage or shed. So whether you’re a turbo tyro or a turbo techie looking for your next piece of kit, TRI UK has got you covered.