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Bike hire: what you need to know

Bike hire is a common concept all across the globe. From seaside shacks providing a few hours of fun for the right price to Santander Cycles giving tourists and London locals alike the opportunity to traverse the UK’s capital—the process of cycle hire is growing with popularity every year. However, cycle hire isn’t just for leisure—competition efficient bikes are also available to hire.

As a beginner or experienced triathlete, you know how important the bike is for excelling during the race and the concept of hiring a bike to use during a tri may initially seem like a strange idea. However, this is not necessarily the case. Sometimes hiring a bike can actually be the superior option for some individuals. Find out whether bike hire is the better choice for your needs:

Buying vs hiring a bike

There is quite a significant difference between buying and hiring a triathlon bike and it’s predominantly the ownership. However, just because you don’t personally own something, it doesn’t depreciate its capability.

Whether you’re a complete newbie who is unsure about their future in triathlon or an experienced competitor that can’t commit to purchasing a bike, bike hire is certainly an option that deserves deliberation.

Bike Hire advantages

  • Short term commitment
  • Price plan choices
  • High quality selections
  • Brand new equipment
  • Personal responsibility
  • Hire cost can go toward purchase


  • Deposit is refunded if the bike is returned in original condition


Bike Purchase advantages

  • Personal ownership
  • Long-term investment
  • Payment plans
  • No time ties
  • No deposit loss risk
  • Wider variety of choice
  • Personalised bike fit service
  • Can be purchased as part of already prepared triathlon packages—provides everything a triathlete requires for racing


Bike Hire disadvantages

  • Limited ranges
  • Limited usage period (charges will occur for late return)
  • No refund for lack of use
  • No personal Bike Fit service


Bike Purchase disadvantages

  • Can be a large one off investment
  • Long term commitment if the bike ends up unused
  • More costs can be incurred as the bike grows with age (hiring would provide a new bike every hire period)

When to hire a bike

Either hiring or buying a bike is always going to incur a cost of some sort. That’s why it’s important for triathletes to consider when it would be more appropriate for them to hire a bike as opposed to purchasing one.

High quality triathlon bikes can cost anywhere from the region of £1,500 upward. Not including the deposit or handling fee, bikes can be hired for a whole season for as little as £150. Of course, TRI UK does offer a cycle finance service that enables customers to spread the cost of their bike purchase but the low price of bike hire for a whole season could be the answer some triathletes need.

When it comes to the importance of the bike in a triathlon, every triathlete knows that you’re going to spend roughly half of your race time in the saddle. This means you’re probably going to spend most of your training time in the saddle too. Or at least you should be.

Lives can become busy. If you spend your whole week looking forward to the freedom of the weekend when you can finally get on your bike then maybe you’re not using it frequently enough. Not something you can help but perhaps not enough justification to put all of your money into that initial cycle payment.

So why not choose to hire a bike for the season? That way you can get enough use out of it to justify your more limited usage schedule but you’ve still got a fantastic bike to keep you driving forward.

Hiring a bike can also be a fantastic choice if you’re a beginner to the sport. If you’re interested but not fully invested then a hire bike can help you establish how you feel about not only the discipline but also the particular cycle you choose to hire. The low cost and refundable deposit (if returned in the original state) means that you can make an affordable short term commitment.

If you’re a more experienced rider then the likelihood is that you understand your place in triathlon. Purchasing a bike may be a more viable option because you know more about how you like to cycle and what fits you best. There’s also more chance that you’ll get the appropriate return on your investment in enjoyment.

At TRI UK, we consider our previously mentioned and carefully created triathlon packages to be a happy medium. The Cannondale Slice 105 is available to hire for a cost of £800 for the whole season. This sharp looking and highly capable bike is available to buy on its own for £1,499. But if you purchase it as part of a whole triathlon package then you can have it for £1,200!

Best bikes to hire

All our bikes are manufactured to give you the best chance to succeed in the saddle. Our hire range is no exception and is great for a variety of disciplines and level of rider:

(All bikes hires include a £24.99 admin and handling fee and must be returned to TRI UK Yeovil by no later than the 1st of October 2019)

Focus Izalco Race Al Sora

The TRI UK Focus Izalco Race Al Sora bike hire offers the best experience for the best price on the market.

This bike can be hired for a whole season at a hire fee of £150 and a deposit price of £400.

The Focus Izalco Race Al Sora is the perfect choice for a seasoned cyclist that is looking for a reliable workhorse bike. It’s just as good for those that are looking to get started in a competitive setting.

It is designed with frame-integrated cable routing, full carbon fork and a complete Shimano R3000 Sora groupset. Not to mention its reliable Alex Wheels and continental tyres. This bike really is a phenomenal performance unit at a fair price.

Giant Contend Sl 2


The Giant Contend 2l 2 bike is quick, confident and ultra capable. This fantastic bike is a complete all-rounder and can take your road riding to the next level.

Made with lightweight ALUXX SL aluminium technology throughout, the frameset features balanced geometry to provide an agile yet assured ride. The rear end of the bike is created to give quick acceleration and the front end puts the rider in the position to have max efficiency and control.

Further technologies include a D-Fuse composite seatpost to make road riding even smoother which reduces fatigue and maximizes rider comfort.

It is also provided with Shimano Tiagra 10-speed componentry and Tektro rim brakes.

This bike has a £175 hire fee and a deposit of £450.


Cannondale Slice 105


TRI UK’s Cannondale Slice 105 really is one of the best looking bikes available on the market.

It comes available in two colour options: Cannondale Team colour or Peach and Grey.

With its Ballistec Carbon technology frame and Shimano 105 5800 brakes, this bike is created to succeed but also inspire confidence within its rider. This bike is considered the ultimate entry level bike but you get so much more from it.

For this reason, this bike is truly a great hire option if you’re unsure about your capability or future in triathlon as a beginner. It can be your guide to adjusting to the realities of the discipline and a starting point for further development onto more advanced Cannondale cycles.

This bike is available to hire for £800: including admin fee, a £275 hire free and a £500 deposit.


How to hire a bike at TRI UK

Hiring a bike at TRI UK is simple and clear. We lay out all of the terms and conditions upon hire and online for each bike we offer for this service.

Hiring a bike can be a great step in the right direction if you’re a beginner or aren’t ready to commit to purchasing. TRI UK’s hires offer some of our most capable and popular ranges so that you’re not limited by not purchasing.

Visit us in store or online to use our other fantastic services or find out more about hiring a triathlon bike. We also post our bikes and postage for each hire bike is £4.99. The Bike MUST be returned to the TRI UK store in Yeovil, Somerset at the end of the hire period, packed in the same way it was sent out.

TRI UK advises that you keep the original packaging for this purpose. It is your responsibility to send the bike back to TRI UK at the end of the hire period, and to be liable for the costs that this incurs. TRI UK is not responsible for collection of the bike, TRI UK can arrange to have the bike collected at a cost of £200 per bike (UK mainland only).

So if you’re a beginner looking to tri out a bike for a season or an experienced triathlete looking to further their ability then view our hires. Considering making a purchase? Check out our amazing bike range.

Visit us at one of our stores or contact us today via telephone or drop an email to