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TRI UK is the UK’s largest triathlon retailer and mail order specialist. The company was established in 1991 and took the UK and international markets by storm.

During the 1990’s TRI UK changed the face and shape of the triathlon retail market by being the first to introduce triathlon wetsuit hires, triathlon bike hires and the Triathlon Package. It is safe to say that TRI UK has been the biggest market influence in bringing triathlon kit to novices and the mass market, at affordable, give-it-a-go prices.

Years of hard work culminated in the opening of TRI UK’s new triathlon superstore in January 2005! This state of the art building has 17,000 square feet of retail space and stands on a 1.5 acre site with free customer parking. A store of this size within the triathlon retail market was unheard of. It enabled TRI UK to provide a one-stop level of service to customers – who travelled from the length and breadth of the UK – plus also from abroad.

The store size also enabled TRI UK to offer substantial ranges and brands for the road cyclist and the off-road cyclist,. Having such space made it an amazing experience for both customers and staff members alike. Being able to stock so many differing brands across all areas of the cycling sport was just as exciting for the TRI UK staff – as it was for TRI UK customers.

Another ground breaking feature of the new store was the installation of the in-store Endless Pool. Such a facility had never been on offer to customers wanting to try wetsuits before they made their purchase decision. At the time customers often visited the store just to see the pool!. That was how ground breaking the facility was.

As the Yeovil store facilities continued to grow TRI UK was able to offer customers one-to-one Bike Fits on the simply incredible GURU Bike Fit system and Mizuno Vi-Move system which offs unprecedented gait analysis for TRI UK customers looking for new running shoes.

As usual TRI UK never stands still and 2017 was no different to the previous 27 years, with TRI UK joining forces with a new Strategic Partner. This new partnership enabled TRI UK to implement a program of six new TRI UK stores. The first of which opened in October 2018 in Shirebrook. This flagship Midlands store is simply out of this world. Never before has the swimming, cycling and running market seen such a retail space created for customers.

The 20,000 sq ft of space showcases all the premium brands that customers have come to expect from TRI UK – along with facilities such as the in-store Endless pool, GURU Bike Fit system, Mizuno ViMove and fully-equipped workshop space as well. Other locations for 2019 (and beyond) opening dates include: Oxford, Glasgow, Kent and Dublin. This expansion programme will enable TRI UK to roll the TRI UK experience out to even more customers across the country. TRI UK will be able to reach those customers who could possibly never quite justify or manage to fit in a trip down to the South West.

Even after 27 years TRI UK and its team of staff are incredibly excited about this next phase in the story of TRI UK. From a small beginning in a small single fronted bike shop in Kent to now heading up an expansion plan for another five new stores, TRI UK is still proving to be the leading triathlon, cycling and specialist sports retailer in the market place.

Have a great triathlon season - wherever you are!