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What is Smartsense?

SmartSense is an intelligent, integrated on-board system of lights and radar design to increase visibility and enhance awareness, effortlessly.

What makes SmartSense so convenient?

With SmartSense everything, lights and radar, are consolidated into a single ecosystem that is connected and controlled through a single source of power (a battery) and the Cannondale App.

What is SmartSense comprised of?

The SmartSense system is comprised of:

Garmin Varia Core Cradel – this is the mount for the SmartSense battery. This is the communication hub between the other SmartSense components and the rider’s phone and cycling computer.

Garmin Varia Core Battery – this is used to charge the entire SmartSense system. As long as the battery is charged and on the bike, the bike’s lights and radar will be engaged. The battery can also be removed and used to charge your mobile phone if needed by using the USB-C port at the top of the unit. If planning to use the battery as a charger, remember to bring a charging cable on your ride.

Garmin Varia Radar Display + Radar – this is a mounted LED display that plugs into the front light. The LED’s flash to indicate approach vehicles and also change colour if the vehicle is approaching quickly. The Garmin Varia Radar provides the rider with visual and/or audible indication of cars coming from behind. It plugs into the rear light, and once connected to the SmartSense system, both the front and rear lights flash patterns as vehicles approach and pass, giving both the rider and other driver or rider greater awareness.

Lights – the SmartSense system includes lights that are fully custom designed by Lezyne for Cannondale and includes the front Foresite (350 lumens) as well as the rear Hindsite (25 lumens). These are the only lights compatible with SmartSense.

Lights turn on automatically when the SmartSense system powers on. There is an ambient light sensor in the front light that adjust to ensure optimal visibility in all light conditions. Blink patterns and brightness change on the lights when the bike’s radar detects vehicles approaching from behind. All light features can be switched on or off. Preset settings can also be set and selected through the Cannodnale App.

Cannondale App – SmartSense can be programmed using the Cannondale App. Riders can view their light ad radar status directly on the app’s Ride screen. Additionally, users can cycle through different light modes as well as customise their SmartSense system and light configurations through the app’s setting system.

Cannondale Wheel Sensor – the new Synapse is equipped with a Cannondale Wheel Sensor. This pairs with SmartSense and the Cannondale app with a simple spin of the bike’s front wheel.

Is SmartSense a Garmin product?

No, Cannondale have partnered with Garmin to create a product that is adapted specifically for SmartSense, which includes Garmin Varia Radar, the Garmin Varia Core Cradle and the Garmin Varia Core Battery,

Is SmartSense exclusive to Cannondale?

Yes, SmartSense is an exclusive Cannondale technology.

Can SmartSense have more than one Bluetooth connection?

No, SmartSense can only make one Bluetooth connection at a time.

What does a driver see when passing a bike equipped with SmartSense?

When approaching a bike equipped with SmartSense, drivers will see the pattern of the rear lights change. If a vehicle is approaching fast, the pattern becomes more intense and will change to solid to improve depth perception for the driver. In Europe, the rear light will only become brighter as flashing is not allowed per StVZO regulations.

Can other lights be used on the Cannondale Synapse in addition to the lights as part of the SmartSense system?

Yes, other lights can be used on the bike if needed for added visibility but they do not integrate into the SmartSense system.

Are the SmartSense lights waterproof?

The SmartSense lights have a IPX7 waterproof rating, meaning they are waterproof when submersed in water of one metre for 30 minutes. It is unlikely you will be submerging the lights into water but they will still operate should you get caught in a heavy rainfall.

How far away can the SmartSense radar detect approaching vehicles?

SmartSense can detect vehicles approaching from 140 metres (459 feet) away.

How long does it take to fully charge the SmartSense battery? Once charged, how much battery life does it have?

It can take up to three hours to fully charge the SmartSense battery. Once fully charged, the green LED’s on the battery will turn off. The battery life is dependent on the light mode used. Riders can expect up to 3 hours of battery life, 2 hours in constant mode and up to 20 hours using the more efficient light modes such as blinking.

How do you charge the SmartSense battery?

The SmartSense battery plugs into a USB-C charging port, and it can be charged off a wall plug or computer charging port.

What can be charged with the SmartSense battery?

You can charge your phone by removing the battery and using the USB-C port. You can also charge your cycling computer (Garmin, Wahoo, Hammerhead) the same way. In either instance, you’ll need to bring your charging cable on the ride.

Will SmartSense be featured on other Cannondale platforms?

Yes, you can expect to see SmartSense on other Cannondale bikes in the future.

Does Cannondale plan to expand the SmartSense system?

Yes, over time Cannondale plans to add features and products to the Cannondale ecosystem.

Can the SmartSense system also charge the Dura Ace or Di2 groupsets on certain Synapse models?

The SmartSense system does not charge Dura Ace or Di2 groupsets but this is something Cannondale are looking into for the future.

How much does the complete SmartSense system weigh?

The complete SmartSense system weighs 465g.

How can I service my SmartSense? Dealer or directly with Cannondale?

The SmartSense system is serviceable through the Cannondale App. Users will have access to the appropriate firmware and software upgrades. If the system has issues that are not fixable through the app, but fall under the Cannondale warranty, the user can send it in and Cannondale will send a new one back to the owner.

What is the SmartSense warranty?

There is a one-year warranty on the SmartSense system that is handled by Cannondale.

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